Resources for Widows & Widowers

Surviving Spouses of St. Alexander parish is a support group for widows and widowers.  They meet monthly on a designated Sunday at 1pm, alternating between discussion/sharing sessions in the Parlor Library at the Parish Center, and a Luncheon at an area restaurant.  Current schedule is 14 in the Parlor/Library; 2/11 Lunch; 3/11 Lunch; WEDNSDAY 4/18 in the Parlor/Library; 5/20 Lunch; 6/10 Lunch.  Call CarolNash: 630-832-8152 for details.

Joyful Again ( is a spiritual program for widowed men and women who want to resolve the normal grief they feel and begin to live again.  Details are on their website, or call 708-354-7211.