In 1924, when St. Alexander’s was founded, the Klu Klux Klan was active in the area, and was reported to have been involved in several church burnings.  Founding pastor, Fr. Kennedy secured a statue ‘that couldn’t be burnt’ – a cement statue of Our Lady.  It was originally in a grotto built in  1925 by the men of the parish near the entrance to the Wooden Ark (the original church, so-called because it leaked)  The school children crowned the Virgin’s statue on Memorial Day, 1926.  Kneeling: 4-year-old John Husfield.  Over time, the grotto crumbled and was re-built, and the statue itself was moved several times.  It was moved to its current location in front of the Parish Center, and a beautiful tile surround (reminiscent of the church’s stained glass windows) was created for it; parishioners maintain a lovely “Mary’s Garden” around it, and – weather permitting – it is the site of the parish’s annual Crowning of the Blessed Virgin.

Fast forward to 2017:   Tom, Mike and Nick Danielson, graduates of St. Alexander school, for their Boy Scout Eagle projects, designed & supervised the building of a brick pathway to the statue;  planned and supervised new landscaping around the path and statue; and designed and supervised the construction of two benches at either side of the path.