CONGRATULATIONS!  St. Alexander Parish shares your happiness and your best anticipations for a beautiful wedding a happy married life together.

Arrangements must be made AT LEAST SIX (6) months in advance and before making other arrangements.  Couples must have some connection to St. Alexander Church (i.e.:  went to school here, received sacraments here, parishioners here, parents married here or parishioners here).  Please call Sue D’Alessandro in the Parish Office (630- 833-7730) to register for a date.


If you need a sacramental certificate from St. Alexander’s, the bride or groom must be the one calling to request the certificate.  We will not take requests from the bride’s or groom’s parents.  Thank you.


Couples are required to attend a Marriage Prep Workshop.  Please contact the Office of Family Ministry at the Diocese for information for online workshops or other churches in the area that may be holding in-person workshops.  815-221-6100.