WELCOME to St. Alexander’s Faith Formation!

Faith Formation Phone: 630-834-3787

Ann Krueger, Director: akrueger@stalexanderparish.org

Office Hours: by appointment

Year 2020-2021 Faith Formation will be meeting with  Phases I-III in place. We will begin with Phase I of a Family Formation program for  K-6. (See Phases below),

K-6 Virtual Family Sunday Session. 

K-6 Family Calendar

October through May.

Online Payment for Faith Formation Tuition

Family Faith Formation K-6 consists of 4 parts: 

  1. Worship – prayer experiences
  2. Teachings of Our Faith
  3. Booklet activities
  4. Bible stories 

 Family Faith Formation  Family Time is Sacred Time    

New Sunday Format!  Now for grades K-6th!

Want to experience more quality time with your children and help your family to reclaim Sunday as the “Lord’s Day”? 

Family Faith Formation

  • Virtual once a month Family Faith Session – Sunday Format with Mrs. Krueger
  • Virtual with catechist at least once a month
  • 9 monthly sessions October  – May,   9am -10:15am
  • Optional 10:30am mass to follow
  • Parents and Children begin  with Interactive family activities related to the unit twice a month at home
  • Children will check in with catechists
  • Parents formation in preparation for at-home time
  • Monthly packets with activities and schedules
  • Weekly lessons for at-home 25-40 minutes (Your schedule – your convenience) Although a routine time is suggested for all families for consistency.
  • Allows for grandparents and godparents to be involved with the child’s “journey of faith”.


How is this better for my family?

Children learn much more when a parent takes an active role in  most things,  especially faith formation.  The Family Faith Formation program allows for more flexibility in your weekday schedule and focuses on the “Lord’s Day” as family time for faith formation. With the Family Formation program, we give you the resources to be together, to share, have fun, and enrich your faith together as a family.

What about my child who is making a Sacrament?

Children who are preparing for First Communion will attend Sacramental Specific classes. Format will be virtual with additional dates for Retreats and Sacraments.


Phase I

Once monthly online for family formation with Mrs. Krueger.  Two weeks at home formation (approximately 30 minutes a week.)  Catechists will meet with the families one or two other times a month.  Monthly pick up of material needed.

Phase II

Once month gatherings in person for Advent, Lent and Month of May.   Choices: First Sunday, Second Sunday, Third Sunday ( these are for when we can met in person – since we cannot all meet personally at the same time.) One or meetings with the catechist per month.    Two weeks at home formation (approximately 30 minutes a week. Monthly pick up of material needed.

Phase III

Once a month family gathering. One meeting  with catechist. Two weeks at home lessons.






Explore 4

Explore 4 is the “Life of the Parish” component of this Faith Formation program.  It includes many ministry and Faith Formation events that bring us together to live out our faith in community.  The Explore Four focus orients us toward the Four Pillars of our Catholic Faith: Creed, Sacraments, Christian Prayer, and Christian Living.

The Life of the Parish component of our Faith Formation program focuses on forming children to “live out” our Catholic faith.  Parents matter!  Parental involvement in a child’s faith formation increases not only a child’s identification with their faith as they grow, but the commitment to and practice of that faith as they reach adulthood.  A parent can attend a prayer meeting or a retreat or any number of adult events and turn in a Reflection Form for attendance credit for their children.

We will send out a list of events each month with the monthly newsletter.  Choose events that fit your schedule, your interests, and your family’s needs.  Fill out the Reflection Form and turn it into the Faith Formation office.

“The Reconciliation 101 helped me think about my own need to forgive and the benefit of asking others. I can benefit by living more fully and modeling forgiveness in my family.”

“Women’s CRHP (Christ Renews His Parish) lets moms and women to grow in their faith, and having a daughter be a part of the efforts, when she can, allows her to see the Catholic faith as a positive part of everyday life.”

“Prayer blankets is such a lovely ministry that takes the love and the prayers of those present and truly infuses them into their work of tying knots in the blankets. It’s the taking time to pray for others that reminds you how blessed we are.”

“Sharing with other parents who are going through this same sacrament preparation experience helps us all grow in faith.”

“First Communion 101 was a good reminder that making time to be with your kids counts, and not to just let these moments pass us by. It gave me plenty of ideas on what to talk about with my son like what sparks him in his faith.”