* = Bi-Lingual;  ENG = English;  SP = Spanish


FRI 12/7 6:00pm * Immaculate Conception Eve St.  John
FRI 12/7 8:00pm * Immaculate Conception Eve St. Alexander
SAT 12/8 8:00am Immaculate Conception Day St.  John
SAT 12/8 9:30am Immaculate Conception Day St. Alexander
WED 12/12 7:45am Eng & 6pm SP Our Lady of Guadalupe St.  John
WED 12/12 8:45am Eng  & 7pm SP Our Lady of Guadalupe St. Alexander
MON 12/24 5pm & 10pm Christmas Eve St.  John
MON 12/24 4pm, 6:30 pm, Midnight Christmas Eve St. Alexander
TUE 12/25 9am & 11:30am 12:30 SP Christmas Day St.  John
TUE 12/25 8:30am, 10:30am  & 6:pm SP Christmas Day St. Alexander
MON 12/31 7pm Mother of God, Eve St.  John
TUE 1/1 9am* Mother of God St.  John
TUE 1/1 11am* Mother of God St. Alexander