St. Alexander Church at 300 S Cornell, Villa Park, IL 60181 US - History of St. Alexander Parish

History of St. Alexander Parish
The History of St. Alexander Parish (also see the History of Our Lady of Ardville below)
St. Alexander's has a history almost as old as Villa Park. It was the first Catholic church in town, established in 1924 to serve 179 Catholic families in the area. The parish was named for St. Alexander I, Pope and Martyr, and was led by Rev. Henry F. Kennedy, Pastor. The First Mass was celebrated in the Wooden Ark (so nicknamed because it leaked in many places whenever it rained), the temporary church, on the feast of the Immaculate Conception,1924. Ground was broken for our present church in 1953 and the first Mass was celebrated on August 15, 1954. The hall and Parish Center (then the rectory) were added in 1959. In 1925, the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur of Cincinnati came to teach here. They arrived in September and taught 56 children in grades 1 through 6. Classes were held in the Wooden Ark until the new school was completed in December of that year. The twelve room building had six classrooms, an auditorium, and living quarters with a chapel for the sisters. The sisters lived on the second floor of the school until 1951 when they moved to a nearby home so that both floors of the school could be used as classrooms. The new convent was occupied in 1957.   After a decade and a half of fund-raising, construction of a Gathering Space connecting the Church and the Parish Center was completed in 2007; the project include major utilities updates and extensive - and beautiful - remodeling of the Church.
     St. Alexander's has always been a dynamic and progressive community with a history of active parishioners and vibrant organization. The Council of Cathol Women was established two years before we officially had a parish. Holy Name followed six years later in 1928. Girl Scouts begain in 1929 and Boy Scouts in 1936, while Brownies and Cub Scouts were added in 1949. School sports programs were formalized in 1956. The Religious Education Program was re-structured in 1969. The School Board was formed in 1967, and the Parents' Association in 1970. Later a Youth Ministry program was initiated and a Golden Agers group began. The Parish Council was instituted in 1972, and in 1980 took on the current format of Administration Commission, Christian Education Commission, Christian Education Commission and Christian Worship Commission. This format insured that all ministries and organizations have a voice in the parish community. The name has been changed to the Parish Pastoral Council. Family ministry was introduced in 1980. Later, Ministry of Care programs were initiated to serve the needs of parishioners from bereavement to healing and wellness. Today parishionners may be involved in any of the over 50 organizations and ministries active at St. A's. In 2004, the parish celebrated its 80th anniversary with various celebrations throughout the year.  Our website came online in June, 2005, and weekly bulletins began being uploaded to it in 2006.

The History of Our Lady of Ardvilla
     In 1924, when St. Alexander's was founded, the Klu Klux Klan was active in the area, and was reported to have been involved in several church burnings.  Founding pastor, Fr. Kennedy secured a statue 'that couldn't be burnt' - a cement statue of Our Lady.  It was originally in a grotto built by the men of the parish near the entrance to the Wooden Ark.  Over time, the grotto crumbled and was re-built, and the statue itself was moved several times.  It was moved to its current location in front of the Parish Center, and a beautiful tile surround (reminiscent of the church's stained glass windows) was created for it; parishioner's maintain a lovely "Mary's Garden" around it, and - weather permitting - it is the site of the parish's annual Crowning of the Blessed Virgin. 

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