bible    St. Alexander Parish currently has several Bible Study groups.

   If you are interested in any of them, please call the Parish Office (690.833.7730), leave your name or e-mail address and they will have someone from the group contact you.

        1) A year-round group meets every Wednesday morning at 9am in the Parish Center Parlor.  They begin with some sharing and use the current missalette to discuss the readings for the coming Sunday, and end with prayer.  There is no need to ‘join’ or ‘register’ for this group; all are welcome whenever they are able to attend.  For more information, you can contact Dee Reitz at

             2) Another Wednesday day-time group is currently studying the Gospel of St. John using a using a DVD program by the Little Rock Scripture Study.  This Gospel is very different than the synoptic Gospels of Matthew, Luke and John.  We see and learn much more about Jesus’ divine personage, than the human person presented in the synoptic gospels; John does not trace Jesus’ earthly birth, but rather begins with His presence at the creation of the heavens and the earth. The group meets twice a month according to a pre-set calendar.  Contact Marianne McKeague at for information and/or a schedule.

James: PJamesearls for Wise Living by Jeff Cavins & Sarah Christmyer

The Sunday evening group is studying the Epistle of St. James.  James offers ideas for living by applying the wisdom of James to the present. For anyone who has struggled to live a truly Christian life, James offers a wealth of practical solutions for handling and even sanctifying everyday circumstances.  James is perhaps the only ‘Wisdom’ book in the New Testament, with similarities to Proverbs, Sirach, and other ‘Wisdom’ books of the Old Testament.  Contact Betty St. Louis at